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  • Main Mixer Options: semi Contra Rotary/ Contra Rotary/ Planetary/ Anchor Type Mixers
  • Batch Size Range: 5/10/25/50 kgs/batch

Optional Configuration

  • Stand alone Pilot mixer with control panel
  • Skid Mounted Mixer with oil phase & water phase
  • Main Mixer with one phase kettle
  • With or without homogenizer
  • Skid mounted plant with pilot size utilities

Standalone Pilot mixer with control panel

  • The Stand alone Pilot mixer comprise of only the main mixer with inbuilt control panels and Heating systems.
  • The main mixer is made of the option between semi contra/ Contra Rotary/ Planetary/ Anchor type mixing vessel with vacuum facility and jacketed for heating/ cooling requirements.
  • The agitator selection is designed suitably to mix product of higher viscosity effectively.
  • Product contact points are made of SS 316L
  • The blades keep the material effectively dispersed by adequate turbulence.
  • The hinged scraper in the main mixer keep the product in constant movement and ensure clean side walls for effective heat transfer between the side jacket and product.
  • The main mixer consists of cylindrical shell with flanged top & welded bottom dish made of SS316.
  • Mixer is ergonomically mounted on operational table top to view the product during mixing and product additions
  • Jacket is insulated with 30 mm thick mineral wool insulation (Asbestor free) and shall be cladded with 2mm SS304.
  • The top dish is provided with the following nozzles
    • SMS sight glass
    • Light glass with focus light
    • Oil phase & water phase inlet
    • Vacuum nozzle with safety valve/ vacuum gauge and vent
    • The top Dish is locked through an airtight nut locking system for comfortable opening and closing of the dish.

  • The bottom dish shall be provided with the following nozzles
    • Butterfly valve for discharge, recirculation
    • Temperature sensor.

The Agitation Assembly

  • Agitation assembly is driven by suitable geared motor with speed range of 0-60 RPM continuously variable through AC Frequency Controller
  • Shaft of the agitator is packed with mechanical seal and necessary housing.
  • Mechanized screw rod system to lift top dish for easy sanitization, cleaning and material discharges.
  • The primary advantage of the agitator design is that there is no bottom support for the agitation with PTFE bush, resulting in faster & much more effective cleaning cycles than a conventional agitation system.
  • Vessel is provided with bottom entry 1440 RPM High Speed Emulsifier system through mechanical seal with TC/TC seal face.
  • Inline recirculation line with the manufacturing vessel through high speed emulsifier ensures through mixing of product.
  • Valves are placed suitably to discharge the material after completion of batch.

Skid Mounted Pilot Plant

  • The Skid mounted full cream pilot plant comprises of the entire set of main mixing vessel supported by phase kettles, heating system, vacuum pump, Electrical heating system.
  • The main mixer is supported with phase vessel for water phase or oil phase preparation as per the customer choice
  • Material from the phase vessel will be transferred to the main mixer by vacuum.
  • The Control panel indicates the following
    • Temperatures of jacket and product
    • Speed of the main mixer stirrer and homogenizer
  • Options of changing the stirrers between semi contra, contra, anchor, paddle, schowl's propeller etc. are provided depending upon customer preference
  • Thus the plant is made versatile to formulate wide range of product like ream, tooth paste, ointments, gel, shampoo, shaving cream, hair dye etc.
Batch Size 5 Kgs 25 Kgs 50 Kgs
Contact Parts SS 316 SS 316 SS 316
Minimum Batch size 3 Kgs 15 Kgs 30 Kgs
Power Required 0.18KW 0.75 KW 1.5KW
Dimension (DxH) in mm 202x280 400 x 500 500 x 650
Top Lid Opening Screw rod / Hydraulic Screw rod / Hydraulic Screw rod / Hydraulic
Weight (Approx.) in Kgs 350 550 650
In-Built heating system Optional Optional Optional
Vacuum Pump (KW) 0.37 0.75 1.5
Type of stirrer Semi contra/ Contra Semi contra/ Contra Semi contra/ Contra
Phase vessel attachement Optional Optional Optional
Homogeniser 0.37 0.75 1.5
Stirrer Speed(RPM) Up to 60 Up to 60 Up to 40
Homogeniser Speed(RPM) Up to 2800 Up to 2800 Up to 2800
Specifications are subject to change as a part of continuous improvement.