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Triple lane fully automatic pneumatic machine
Pneumatic Cutting Machine
Fully Automatic Pneumatic Cutting & Stamping
Round Dish Wash Cutting Machine

Cutting And Stamping Machine 

  • The automatic soap cutting and stamping machine is used to cut soap bar from the plodder, Cut the soap to billets . and stamp the necessary logo
  • The primary cutter cut the bars from the plodder at equal repeat lengths. 
  • The cutting system works based on the position of the sensor. 
  • User-friendly system to vary lengths of bars. .
  • Bars are conveyed to cutting and stamping machine through a conveyor. . 
  • The bars are sensed automatically and pushed forward for secondary . 
  • Bar cutting and stamping. .
  • The soap bars are dispensed to the off take conveyor to the wrapping machine. .
  • The machine is provided with a cutting frame to cut the bars. .
  • The trimming waste is taken out by a conveyor and fed to the inclined belt conveyor for cutting waste recycling. 
  • All the pneumatic components are FESTO / SMC make. .
  • Geared motors are from BONFIGLIOLI. .
  • The machine is designed with the flexibility for quick change over system between pack sizes. .

Round Dish wash Bar cutting Machine

Adhisakthi is a pioneer in the manufacture of high speed round dish wash bar cutting machines. Following list of machinery list of machinery are provided for round dish wash bar line.

  • Inline Bar Cutter
  • Vertical Slicer
  • Transfer Conveyors
  • Stamping Machine
  • Shrink Wrapping Machines


  • Desired shape of toilet soap is manufactured with the help of Toilet soap stamping machines. .
  • The machine are made robust to absorb the vibration and give proper finish to the soap while stamping .
  • Logo of the soap is created in the die while punching 
  • Both banded and band less style soaps can be manufactured 
  • The machine may be used for the manufacture of laundry soaps also
  • Useful for the manufacture of laundry soaps also 
  • Basic classifications of Stamping Machine 

    1. AUTOMATIC SOAP STAMPING MACHINE - TS-STM-AH-120* Speed: up to 120 pcs per minute 
    2. AUTOMATIC SOAP STAMPING MACHINE -TS-STM-AH-60* Speed: up to 60 pcs per minute 
    3. VERTICAL STAMPING MACHINE -TS-STM-6CV* 6 Cavity - Vertical stampers Up to 240 cakes per minute 

    **The first three models are outsourced from reliable channel partners and integrated in our complete soap line as a turnkey package
Model Aspro-CM-I Aspro-CM-II Aspro-CM-III Aspro-CM-IV

Speed (no. of Bars/Min/ Mc.)

Up to 35 * Up to 35 x2 * Up to 35 x 3  * Up to 35 x 4  *

Length of the conveyor (in mm)

6000 8000 9000 11000

Air consumption (CFM)

15 32 45 60

Contact Parts

SS304/MS SS304/MS SS304/MS SS304/MS

Belt Type

PU Fabric PU Fabric PU Fabric PU Fabric

Power Required (in KW)

0.37KW 1.5KW 2KW 3KW

Dimension (LxBxH)

4500x950x1300 6400x1200x1300 8500x1500x1300 10000X2000x1300

Weight (Approx.)

600 1250 1950 2300

Specifications are subject to change as a part of continuous improvement.